Record Conditions

I’m a DJ not a sleeve ironing collector 🙂

I grade records audio first visual second – i.e. EX vinyl & VG label = VG+ overall – and I will not offer a record that’s unplayable, as simple as that.

Grades & abbreviations used

I rarely use M, more likely M-, EX and VG. You won’t see VG- very often unless it’s a great record with a battered label.

Common abbreviations I use are:

DH – Drill hole
NAP – Not affecting play
WOL – writing on label
SWOL – small writing on label


Unless otherwise indicated, all clips are taken from YouTube and are intended for musical reference only. 


All prices includes postage Australia-wide by normal post. Video proof of posting will be available for every order placed. Express Delivery or Overseas shipment can be arranged beforehand.